In the wash of life's endless tide,
We cross paths with many souls beside.

Some stay a while, while others depart,
But all leave an imprint on our heart.

The moments we share, however brief,
Are like threads that weave a tapestry of belief,
That human lives are interwoven in ways,
That bring forth beauty and golden rays.

A touch, a smile, a simple hello,
Can make a heart sing and sadness go,
For in the midst of life's trials and pain,
Human connections bring healing again.

In every life, there are moments of gold,
When two lives meet and hearts unfold,
Creating a memory that will forever stay,
As a shining beacon on life's long way.

So let us cherish the moments we share,
With each other, showing love and care,
For in the end, it is these moments we see,
That make life truly rich and free.

Way Out

Spinning rock you are so free
Home to all, land and sea

Your beauty and power, a gift
Our abuse of you, causing a rift

Your winds blow and sea’s rise
Still we carry on to our demise

One day you will of had your fill
You will rage your power
We will swallow your bitter pill

Humankind will be no more
No one left to shut the door

Past Pesent And Future

Our lives seemingly random and free
Meeting paths and endless doors and what will be's

Illusion of self direction
Mist and happenings of corrtion

One moment never wrong
Just another lesson's song

Past is time wrapped around
Forward now, no rebound

One path trod it's memory sacred
New path to tread, naked.

Fear not the path aheadi
Follow without dread

Sprinkle the path with possitive vibes
It will guide you to happy lives.


Large sways of constant do
Swilling my mind around by you

Masking port of ships slavery
With loves belief, not very savoury

Body mind and soul in crisis
Butterfly flight, begin metamorphosis

Casting out to fields afar
Drifting life into futures scar

Spring its life new
Body, mind and soul renew

Action such a coup
Said this is not you

Blind knowledge outside
Looking deep will reside

Free to be, soul revived
Linked souls, I have survived

New journies path, two souls together
Sparkle with dust of pasts director

Swirling mist of futures joy
Into time, my soul employ.


Drifting sways of creepy mist 
Invade my mind
Frustration, anger it’s not kind

Memories on water, washed away
Swirling soup of memories decay

Deep below the waters calm
Visions fading, causing alarm

Tools and methods to adopt
Life goes on, it’s not stopped

River of memories passing by
To fast to see
My life from now on, this is me


I see you there in one mind
The light radiant in the grey
Revelations, no longer blind

Turn the soil of past
Times decay
One in all
Plant the future vast

Infinite love beyond
Thoughts too small
Love and bond

Mask reality with entrapment
Seeing blind
Beyond futures past, enlightenment

Radiant release of attachments trap
One with all, rapt


Past present and future
Space the tutor

Creations past
Vision in the vast

Minds to small to see
Creations mystery

Tiny stars we see
Time and space infinity

Who and what we are
Written in the stars

Dust to dust forever
Our souls joined together

Dark Whispers

The dead of night sounds so black 
The hum of life it seems to lack

The dark lights the inner seeing
With purpose, love and inner being

Loud silence lights the night
Pure meditation and insight

This time is ours to see
What life and death can be

Times continuum reveals the new
Darks demise becomes blue

Light from dark Devine
Another day my soul to shine

Now Is Past

Time once again comes to light 
Back one hour, wake up in a fright

End of summer thoughts of snows
Why do we do it. No one knows

Your late, the meaning trivial
An hour gone, totally immaterial

On we go, adjusting clocks
As if time cares, for our paradox

Today’s now, yesterday’s past
Into the future, an hour a-cast.

Theological Dust

Touching God with my soul
Forgiveness console

New life with his Son
Jesus he’s the one

In my heart He guides me now
Following Him, I did vow

Prayer for guidance I did seek
Help those who are weak

Holy Spirit fill my being
Discernment and gifts, all seeing

On the ground doing His will
Love to give in over spill

Love one another is the goal
Holy Spirit within helps this role

Praise and thanks to the Host
To the Father Son and Holy Ghost

3 Am

Here I am awake at three
No one else but me

It’s a useful time, nothing to do
Think of this, thinking of that, mainly you

Three is a time to see
Visions, direction and what can be

Three is a time for me
No chores or things to see

Writing is free and flowing
Three is a time of all knowing

It’s four now and three has gone
Soon I’ll hear the birds in song

A fresh new day in the making
Is now the time to be waking

Creations, ideas are born
Time to bring them to a new dawn

Ladder Of Time

There comes a time 
Looking back on this life of mine

They say it’s a mid life crisis
It’s more like times oasis

In the mist of memory’s
Some clear some faint
Looks like I’ve not been a complete saint

The ladder of time reaches high
memories locked in the minds eye

Step by step we see the past
Each run the ladder so vast

One or two we need to forget
But often they slip through the net

Keep all memories good and bad
Be Happy not sad

Memory is a snapshot of time
No one can take them
They are all mine.

Tears Of Fire

Sun your presence is felt 
Long sticky days and roads that melt

Your rays they burn into the land
Turning us back to sand

You take our water to the limit
The reservoirs dry with nothing in it

Fires burn the land so dry
Temperatures soar to record high

Your tears of fire flare our way
No spots this year, hotter they say

Cooler days we pray for soon
Eclipse your rays a blood red moon

Thunderous energy smacks the earth
Wondrous moments of our worth

More tears of fire you shed our way
It’s another day

Two In The Queue

Your two in the queue 
The announcement says
A poem I thought through

Two in the queue, I laughed
My sense of humour going daft

Holding music blasting out
Hurting my ears with this musical drought.

Your two in the queue again she says
My mind wondering by now
Why am I phoning, memory refresh

Five minutes have gone
I'm still hanging on

Its ringing
The music I miss
Good morning can I help you
I thought I was two in the queue


Water cascading down the rock so fast
Mind focused on thoughts so vast

The sun falls on the water.
Reflections of colour dance on its alter

Beauty and sound wash the mind
All negatives left behind

Rainbows dancing in my soul
I am once again cleansed and whole.

Fields Of Poppies

Fields of poppies and silence too
In this moment we remember you

Bravery, fear and death
Your fight we are forever in your debt

To you we owe our freedom
God's love will never be beaten

Two minutes silence forever more
Remembering all who fought the war

Your memory will shine on eternally
So the world may live on peacefully

Fields of poppies and silence too
We will remember you


Mr Chi they call me
I'm the boss you see

I maybe small
But I feel 10 feet tall

I sleep all day and night too
Every little noise I'll alert you

Hear that cat a mile away
Love to chase it and play

Other dogs how dare they be
I'm a proper dog can't they see

Internal clock says it's walkies time
Nose is ready to smell things devine

Love my food could eat all day
Overweight, I heard the vet say

Love my mum to bits
Protect and guard her wherever she sits

I'm a little stubborn so they say
Only do things my way

Tummy tickles my favourite thing
Doggy heaven it sends me in

Biggest bark you will ever hear
O yes did I say I like beer

I'm a Chihuahua through and through
Loving, loyal, and playful too

Back to sleep it's been a while
Mr Chi will make you smile


# Void
Seems we have fallen apart
A void is now in my heart

Confusion and misunderstanding
Lack of communication
Lead to this conclusion

Care love protection
My motive you thought in the wrong direction

Dismissed like all the rest
Cast aside with the best

A hurt that runs so deep
This poem I write when I should sleep

Our souls now drift apart
Great sadness fills my heart

To you I wish great things
All happiness that life can bring.

The Battle

Darkness falls, black holes of dark light freeze the soul
The void of unconsciousness fills the conscious with fear
Entities roam the dark looking to enrol

Light shines as radiant gold
Radiant colours sparkling angels
Fills the souls of choice
Pure love of love the battle foretold

Love or hate the fight eternal
Creation destruction free choice
Listen heart and soul
Up above down below, self control

Dark banished in deepest black
Radiant light be in my soul
Fear hate insecurity banished
Love fill me be in control.


Time has come for you to pass
Your life we celibate
A special lady we have lost to the pearly gate

Our sadness floods with memories
How kind and special you were
So much a bond since the seventies

I will miss you greatly as a mum
I will remember fondly all the fun

Farewell great lady you were the best
May you now have eternal rest

John Scotter

So Peacefully

I watch you sleep so peacefully
How lucky I am your with me

Our lives collide this time
Eternal destiny your mine

Set in the stars our souls are free
Me loving you and you me

I watch you sleep so peacefully
Me with you and you with me

Two souls of love so pure
Dancing life together
Eternally evermore

I watch you sleep so peacefully
After glow of our love entwined
One together forever in time


W# Earth quake 
So silently clear nature stands still
Few seconds stood on that hill

Rumble like thunder in the distance
Earth calling our very existence

The ground it shakes what seems eternity
What is this? Have I lost my sanity

A silence again fills the air
Earth again still as if nothing to declare

Sweet song of birds fill the air
Did what happen, happen
Nature returns everywhere

The gentle roar of a plane in the distance
Life goes on for all in existence

The Earth it Moans and groans
Death and destruction this time postponed.

Quake sleep for now
Thanks for the warning
Another day is dawning

Blooming Friends

The love of a rose is love of beauty 
A love so trusting
Dead wood flowering profusely

Drawing from the earth and sun
Over wintered it has won
Tall and proud
Colour so vibrant and profound
In silence it’s colours no sound

Touch and you will see blood
Stems are laden with thorns
Keep away it warms

Such beauty it defends
We are it’s friends
Blood we shed in Autumn tide
So beauty of the bloom our bride

We endure the thorns so proudly sharp
Summer we reap beauty
That sings in colour like a harp.

Queen of flowers you give your all
We love your beauty endure your spikes
Your presence will always cause delights.

A Moment In Time

We two souls adrift in the soup of time
You have yours I have mine

The destiny of our life lines
Cross and fused in time

Information flows exchanging life’s pain
Opposites exchange as if it’s no strain

One is humble sweet and innocent
One listens feels quilt and shame
In a moment both a flame

Hearts cry out, one for help one to help
Both souls are fused in one melt
Souls together in seeking good, paralleled.

Souls touch one brief moment in time
Their light together shines

Destiny of the universe changed for all
This moment in time a catalyst waterfall


Today we celebrate two years past
My that has gone so fast

Champagne flowing glasses full
This celebration is for us all

United together by mr P
Life is better with SLTPD

Safe and secure we can chat
About anything PD or this and that

New friends we make
New things we do
Goodbye MR P we don’t need you

New website in the making
Will show Mr P is not just shaking
Opportunity for all to do our bit
So get writing and submit

Two years have gone
Now together we are strong
Let’s celebrate with cheer
That we are entering the third year

Hotel Without Breakfast

# Hotel without breakfast
Tree lined country road
The day is about to erode

Hotel sign flashed past
Somewhere to stay at last

Sunset shining through the trees dreaming of hotel beds
Looking forward to stretching my legs

Half a mile I think it said
I hope they have a lovely bed

Here we are
Looking good so far
I hope they have a bar

Have you a room for the night
Double bed right

Overnight slept so well
Despite the place looking like hell

Ghosts they stay here for fun
I’m sure I saw one

Hungry after no dinner
Full English would be a winner

Finding dinning room
Empty, no sign of anyone
feeling a sense of gloom

Off to reception no one there
This is a laugh do they care

Here comes someone through the door
What times breakfast is what I’m here for

Sorry it’s bed only my dear
I thought you knew.
What a disappointment through and through.

Hotel without breakfast
This will be our last

White Stuff

Bitter cold day 
Go out, no way

Sky as grey as can be
Snow forecast in March
Might have more time for art

O know here it comes
Sky, air full of flakes
Laying fast colour gone
snow is all it takes

Everything slows to a stop
Nature’s rest is it’s crop
Brings us all self awareness
Reflecting on life’s daily senseless

It’s laid so thick now what can I do
Think of this a time to renew.
No work today the world has stopped
Big banks and bosses bonuses are chopped.

It’s still snowing, flakes are big
Thoughts of food in the store
Could last a week or even more

TV goes off, lights too
Power cut as well, poo poo
Thoughts of were the candles are
Best result no more Andrew Marr

Forecast better for tomorrow
Looking out oin the morning
Snow going fast without warning

Rain back with vengeance
Thoughts of snow gone
Demand the suns attendance
Remembering how it shone

Echo Forest

# Echo forest
Dogs off their leads finding smells
Love this time of year with the blue bells
A gentle wind the trees are talking
The rustle of under growth where the dogs are walking

Black bird tweets his warning
The silence of time broken the morning

Echo forest repeats in echo
As if to give it’s name a demo

The forest life keeps its rhythm
New trees and old carry on its mission

Feel the silence of time gone by
Makes the outside world seem a lie

Space and time seem somehow changed
All my thoughts and worries rearranged

Echo forest I hear your sighs
As my soul is energised

The whistle of someone else
Echos repeats as the forest tells

Echo forest and I go way back
It knows my soul my being
Always putting me on track

Come on dogs we must go home
Thoughts now calmed and soothed
Back home we go spiritually renewed.

Befriend Time

Never believe time is straight
Then time you will never hate

Control your time with all your might
Keep time well within your sight

Time is a shadow of mist
Filling our souls with lies
It’s March we cannot resist
Fight back and utilise

Time our enemy or our friend
Don’t ignore it, it will be your end

Time our friend will make you free
Unlock life’s secrets and be happy

Mess with time it will drive you crazy
Time will make you sad and lazy

Befriended time in your life
Your life will be without any strife

Love Is Lovely

Love is knowing you are there 
Love is knowing that you care

Through good and bad
Happy and sad

Sleeping, waking your on my mind
Our souls in heaven are assigned

Forever in my heart for eternity
Love is lovely, let it be

My love I give this Valentine’s
Our hearts aglow love combines.


Its weekend yeah!
No more work and despair

Jobs this weekend list is long
Not sure I’ll do any, I must be strong

Shopping a must
No food in
Thinking of food a sin

Diet in mind what to buy
Food! sigh sigh sigh

Weekend comes and weekend goes
Two days of freedom thoughts arose

Poems in my head buzzing around
Get them down before they run aground

Weekend ends with Sunday night
Another week of work in sight

No jobs done and tones of ironing
Need a week off I’m desiring

Round and round this cycle goes
When will it end,who knows.


Disagreement filled messages
Miss-understanding cross fire
Every word become specimens

Parting waves of emotions
Filling hearts with hurt
Leaving splitting devotion

New day shines it’s enlightenment
Is this meant to be
Time to consider whats right for me

Friends they gather with advice
Time to think
I’m free no more in the vice

New friends they welcome me in
Hurt and pain shared
Thoughts of isolation grow thin

The future is bright
New plans in place
No more will you see my sad face.

Radio Caroline

Music was my first love and it will be my last. 
Its Just another brick in the wall.
They flutter behind you your possible past.
Come join the love boat

On the day the wall came down
The ship of fools had finally ran aground
She’s on my mind
Forever it seems, it seems
Future times will stand and clearly smile
Of the course of innocence.

But listen to the colour of your dreams
New ways, new ways
I dream of wires
That's radio, that's TV, but Visionary got the internet
Lovely to see you again my friend

Time is right to find one another
Music of the future
And music of the past.
Your my sweet Caroline
Now and forever you are a part of me
Because we’re keeping the dream alive

Winters Dream

Reflections of thought of future past
Picture of life in summer
Cold and damp I call you black
Thoughts of summer give black a blast

Black fades to blue and green
Buzzing sounds and bird songs
Smells of sausage fill the air
Black you are so crawl and mean

Blue and green I crave your return
Buds are showing great hope
Cycles of life we cannot stop
Black your vital I must learn.

Dancing Souls

Dancing Souls

Shadows dancing beyond the stars
Free souls
Way beyond what we call Mars

Arm in arm, free
Dancing in solidarity

Love, their bond of ageless time
Two in one and all Devine

Dancing souls loving fun
Shinning brightly like the sun

Two souls they couple as one
Together forever eternity won

The call awaiting
To separate lives on earth
Dancing until rebirth

If they meet in Earthly form
Soul mates on Earth they are born
Mortal lives together
Eternal love they live on forever

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day 
He’s been and gone away
Presents by the tree
One for you and one for me

This day it has a special feel
I wish each day was the same
That would be real

Christmas Day thinking past
How now they all go so fast
Future ones have yet to come
Enjoy this one and have some fun

A day to share with family too
Could it be you we descend onto
Silly gifts for each and all
Happy Christmas to one and all

Christmas Apart

# Christmas apart
Although we are apart
You are deep within my heart

Christmas is here, great joy it is
Thinking of you all the time
Warm glow to think you’re mine

Distance can not pull us apart
Our connection strong and true
Love so true it beats strong in my heart

New year thoughts of being together
Dreaming our dream
Thoughts of love and sunny weather

This Christmas has such joy
Family and friends together
Festive fun and lots to enjoy

Thoughts of you forever there
Can’t wait to see you
Love you lots, take care


Beyond this place
Is where its safe

Pure love and light
No human body just flight
No day or night
No things or bling
Just angels who sing
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Life lived good and full
Heavenly light had it’s pull
Peace and love forever more
See the light go through that door


Christmas morning you are here 
Love and peace atmosphere
Excitement to give and receive
A hang over from Christmas Eve

Turkey in the oven all stuffed and prepared
Parents coming, well scared
Everything must be perfect
Turkey,sprouts, pudding
Must make it good looking

Fridge bulging with delights
I hope everyone has an appetite
Drink all ready what ever they want.
Even got some plonk

Presents under the tree
Mine I can’t wait to see
Parents presents will surprise
Great price such good buys

Christmas set and ready to go
Enjoy this one because you never know
Reflect on love and sharing
Another year for caring

Loving awareness is free
Try it and you will see

Tingle Bells

Tingle bells tingles bells 
What fun we had today
Mistletoe and chocolate shells
Kissing all the way

O what fun it was
In an no horse open sleigh
Laughing all the way

Tingle bells tingle bells
Having so much fun
More toys of joys
Got Santa on the run

Tingle bells tingle bells
O what fun we had today
Play play play play play
Ho ho ho ho ho

Tingle bells tingle bells
Tingling all the way
Toys we had out to play
I don’t know what to say

Tingle bells tingle bells
Off to bed we go
Santa’s coming in the snow
We’ll have such a good time
He’s all mine

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming day by day
The strain on the wallet will last till May
Kitchen cupboards filling to the top
Could it be we are opening a shop

Christmas cards to write out too
Price of stamps a shock
Nothing in the shops is in stock

Christmas office Party, yeah where’s that Lynn
Hangover in the morning, did I commit sin
Can’t remember a damm thing
Smell of perfume who’s could it be
I hope the wife doesn’t notice it on me

It’s only once a year
We get to drink so much beer
And enjoy such cheer
Hope everyone
Has lots of fun

Silent Love

Our eyes they meet across the room 
Soft glow of knowing
Silent love in my heart
I wonder if it’s showing

Silent love please go away
It forbidden for me to say
So long this love has been
It’s face must not be seen

We talk and pass the time
I wish forever you were mine
If only you did know
This silent love is all a glow

It’s never going to be
Hand in hand by the sea
Silent love I must set you free
Impossible talk it would destroy me

Silent love you must stay
Silent as another day
Better silent than not at all
Silent love you are so cruel


From birth we see the the world all bright and blurry
Colours there sparkling for our eyes
The brain free to make sense of this spectrum slurry

What is this colour what is your form
You are not the object I see
Absorption, reflection a spectrum is born
Colour you set me free

Our Sun the source of all we see
Flowers in colours to attract there bee
Illusion or not its up to us
Red green blue we can mimic and trust

Black and white world how boring you are
We had to have colour our poor grandma
Prints in cases time captured
Black and white our perception raptures

Colour you have such an influence on us
How would we know our bus
Food you have colour but right it must be
Green toast would seem odd and would’nt taste right to me

Colour you are so many things
Danger, stop, go and standby
Blue is the colour of our sky
Life as we know it is guided by you
Motorway signs all painted in blue

Red is our danger yellow too
Blue is our comfort thank you
Green is our pleasure our food
So many colours can change our mood

Red, Green and blue and all in between
We are so lucky to observe this scene
Life is so wonderful with you to see
Just think what its like for the bumble bee.


No Rhyme

It’s a crime


Colour hides in a whitely glow
every colour we’ve ever known
Reflective rays a spectrum show

Coloured days, names and numbers
See the world through coloured wonders.
Think in colour, don’t you?
Your name clearly blue

Synaesthesia your my life
Colouring my every thought
Spectrum white and every sort
Close my eyes and you are there
Years of coloured thoughts to share.


Quiet place
Incense lit
Candles flickering, heat on my face
Time for me to find my centre
Mind and thoughts to dismember

Crossed legged hands at rest
Eyes closed, breathing deep
Trying not to go to sleep
Concentrate in and out
Silence of the loudest shout

Thoughts they come, thoughts they go
arising fast and arising slow
Will the thoughts ever stop
Flowing out with every breath
Controlling the mindly death

Core shutting down self arising
Understanding redefining 
Observation noise around 
Super sensitive to every sound

Body aware, legs gone numb
Feels like I’ve lost my bum
Transcend these thoughts and cast away
Back to the inner self and try and stay

Still silence in misty grey
Bright light appears to stay
Peace flows, flooding my whole
Realisation Nirvana
Beginning the end, everything told

Love Lives On

RTears of joy roll down my face
Your words they touch my heart
love is with us we’ve won the race.

Our lives are just beginning.
Together we will live on
Bonded like the notes of a great song

Our song lives on forever
A joy for everyone
Our light forever shinning
A bond so very strong

Now you had to leave me
To heaven you have gone
My heart is so saddened
but our love lives on

Your here in my heart
Your light for me to see
Until we are reunited
It will be, just me.


Love is lovely wrapped in your arms
Makes me love with all of my charms
Loving your fragrance
Your juices too
Our bodies joined in loves embrace
Joined by Gods grace
One to one we are together
One to one forever.

River Peace

Pools of water sparkle in the sun
Rays of light having fun
The buzz of life is all around
A dragon fly passes by
Wings flapping how great that sound

The grasses whisper in the wind
As bee’s flirt with their nectar
Butterflies gentle flutter by
Dancing on the flowers like my mind

Splash a sound disturbs the peace
A fish catching food, catches the sun
My thoughts drawn to his domaine
Life in the river my thoughts insane

I cast my line across the river
It floats down stream as silent as the night
This ancient windy river
it’s prize of fish it fails to deliver.

Peace is what I collect
Even with an empty net

Rays of light from everywhere
The gentle wind I can bear.
The sounds of nature in my head
Recharges my soul for times ahead.

Mr P

Shock horror Parkinson’s
Grab this fate and run
Medication, Physiotherapy, great fun
Messing with my mind, Mr. P digs in
The chase is on to kill and not let him win
Voice down and
Voice therapy of course
Going stiff and pain everywhere
My minds about to blow
Joined SLTPD my life started to glow
Help and friends, a positive I must say
Makes MR P so angry, I am winning every day.

Resentment And Rage

Resentment and Rage

Such a sweet lady
Chatters away on messenger and WhatsApp maybe.
Becomes a life line of care
Both ways we share

Closer and closer we fall
My soul, I gave her my all
Looking forward to a future of union

Love in versions not mine
Sends out words to define
Differences to great
Love so pure, no hate

Without a word gone
Stab in the back, cast aside
No explanation from her side

Resentment, anger, hurt and rage
This is the last chapter and page.

Time Heals

Time heals so they say
It’s perspective it adds along the way

Reflections of thoughts, emotions
One of life’s may promotions

Loosing the fire of hurt
Time has the gift to reassert

Many thoughts getting clear
Mind and emotions disappear

Time is our friend whispering in the ear
Listen to time it will come clear


It was Twoo that brought us together
Now I now it will be forever
English you teach English I speak
A perfect union or mystique
Knowing you more everyday
Brightens life in everyway

My heart's alive again
Warn thoughts you make in me
Even when I am on the sea
My heart is open wide
For you to come inside

With you I now share each day
Great joy you bring in every way.
Deeper and deeper on we go
Taking it slow

You are my joy my everything
Day by day it grows within
For you this poem I have written
To tell you how much I am smitten


Time we measure with a tick
It is time that plays this awful trick
Perception of it’s worth
Is our mistake
Time is a slippery snake

One minute is sixty ticks
How long is this, we make the fix
Our own perception's task
Covering us with its mask

Time is our friend or is our foe
Its time we must get to know

Time must be ours to control
It’s at the centre of our soul
To be its master will give us the lead
Time, take heed

Time Your in my sight.
I have you now, it’s such delight

I bend and I twist your timely form
Make you mine to conform.

I have you under my control
Finally completing my soul.


Mystery voice inside my head
Banging away, what was it that it said.

Am I mad psychic or what?
Should I see the doc
I don’t think so, it says
I am your grate uncle less

His voice clearer than mine
So I am psychic that is fine

What is it that you want?
A message to give your grate aunt
But uncle she dead too
Isn’t she with you.
No son he whispers she’s down below.
I’m not going there no no no

Go away uncle stop pestering my head
Find someone else instead
Life’s to short to wonder why
If your going below or up to the sky.

Love In Sight

Every day my heart grows fonder
I long to say I long to say
We are so close with each day and night
Our lives are fulfilled with such delight

If I could say what’s in my heart
A new life together we could start
Happiness is my wish for you
To have you by my side, we would have our lives renewed

A dream I know it is today
Reality is our making along the way
To you I write this poem tonight
To show you
My Love is insight.


Three AM the dogs awake
Let him out for a quick urinate

In he comes tail a waging
I’m tired think of four PM when I’ll be sagging

The nights so quiet it makes you think
How may have this same link

Insomnia or dog I cannot tell
Laying here it feels like hell

Wait a minute I feel sleepy
Eyes shut falling feels creepy

The alarm goes off it is morning
Another day is forming.

Step Daughter

I knew you when you were young 
It was hard for us to have fun

Dad is dad I am me
How much I longed to be

So proud how you have grown
Your soul has settled and has shown

Sharing you for now is for best
Dad is dad and you know the rest

Your there for me in times of stress
I hope I too make yours less

I could not wish for a better step daughter
To travel life together just like it auteur

A bond so silent it cannot be seen
Like clouds of mist in-between

How wonderful it is your are in my life’s scene
Till the end we will be, step Dad and daughter
Forever you’ll see.


Such a little feisty baby
It’s a girl they say
Pushing away her mum from the very first day
Where is my Dad from the start
Daddies girl at heart.

Such a sweet little girl,singing dancing, laughing, jumping around
Such a joy of her sound

Growing up to be a girl
Follow in dads shadow

Life in a whirl
Teenage years with all its demands
Boys and work and all lives harms

Moving out to be with him
The nursing home a place of sin
My worry was for her care
To interfere or not a nightmare

Back home to mum and dad
No more reason to be sad

Off to Buddhism together we go
Finding our centre and mind control
Peace in our hearts a glow
A lifetime lesson we got to know

Dad leaves and breaks your heart
We were never destined to be apart

You have your life with another love now
Off to Scotland I did allow
Broke my heart in return
One of life’s lessons I did learn

Married now both we are
Distance is far to far
Never apart joined by our bond
Heart to heart, soul to soul, eternal, divine.
Nothing can part this special bond
Father daughter, special friend
Spiritually bonded to the end.

Copy And Paste

Copy and paste how could you say
My original thoughts written to you that day

I plead your love not to take
copy and paste gave me heart ache

It’s all from my heart and not a copy
No need to overthink with your autopsy
Copy and paste is what I would do
To bring you back to the me and you

My lasting thought is to be
Copy and paste was all you could see

Active Now

Bring up messenger see your name
Visualise you there just the same

Blocked it says we are.
Crazy how it’s gone this far

Pick you from your group and send a message
Appears our last conversation in September
How well I remembered

Active one minute ago my heart is relieved
You are alive I can see
Frustrating I cannot chat
It was our lives for sometime and all that

Punishing my self with this stupid act
I tell myself goodbye to you
I made you use the block
I’m such a fool.

Thrown Away

Without a care you cast off to trash
Heart so solid, smashed
I’m mental, insensitive, not normal, a liar
I’m gone to you at last without a care

This Dark tunnel so silent, awash with grief
It will not leave me.
My love cannot cease
Tears cannot dry
What is love

A new life I have with friends afar
Blocked we are
Keep me out of it
You are it

Lost in this tunnel, I see the light
Heart smashed, so much pain
No more ever again.

Morning Mr P

Morning Mr P
I see you are still around
Take my meds’ will make you loose some ground

Your in my head all muddled and confused
Exercises, PD Warrior to get you removed

I’m your master now my friend
I’ll fight you until the end
No aches and pains will set me back
It’s you I’ve got to crack

Life’s joy of new friends all wanting you gone
We all sing with one song
Goodbye Mr P, be gone

My life’s new fight that you have not won.
The fight goes on as fierce as the sun.

John Scotter